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Udder Media Official

UK &Ireland representatives of cutting edge jingles from Novaz Audio Imaging.

Over the last year we have been working along side Novaz Audio Imaging in Holland. Novaz are one of the newest jingle companies to come out of the jingle capital of the world at the moment.


Novaz have a large selection of packages ready right now for custom re sings. Check out the 'Services' page for demos of their packages.

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The New name for the most purchased package from Udder!

Over the years, one package has outsold everything.

We first called it the Ebay special (it was only sold on ebay!), then we renamed it to 'The Ignite Mini Pack' and now it's called 'Radioactive!'.


The package elements haven't changed though. The package still contains 10 fully produced idents. That's 10 liners of your choice, production fx, beats, beds, fact whatever our producer thinks sounds great, he'll include.

Now only £25!

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How to order from Udder.......

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Pick a package                      Pay                 Email your script              Production                  Download                            

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NEW re-sing

package available now!

Hear the new



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online demo page.